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Bank $60 Million In 18 Months: The Socialcam Recipe


How does this sound for a business plan and timeline? Launch a cool new idea for an app with a few other friends Get over 1 million downloads within a matter of months Explode to over 20 million monthly active users within a year Sell the app […]

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How I got $15,867 of Programming Work for Only $328


Have you ever had an awesome idea for an app? A website? Maybe even a new software? After some excited day-dreaming, you probably mutter something like, “Man, I wish I knew how to write code“. But maybe you took it a step further. Maybe you put an ad […]

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4 Reasons Why The Facebook App Center Will Crank Out Millionaires

facebook app center logo

Facebook just released their brand new app center this month and it is really stirring things up in the app entrepreneur community! Out of the 900 million users on Facebook, we learned that over 230 million play games every month on the social platform. Wow. That’s CRAZY […]

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How To Monetize a Facebook App (Like a Baws)


If you have thought about creating a Facebook app, hopefully you have asked the most important question: “How will it make me money?” First, let me welcome you to a whole new way of thinking. You are among a minority of entrepreneurs  pursuing Facebook as a way […]

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