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How I got $15,867 of Programming Work for Only $328


Have you ever had an awesome idea for an app? A website? Maybe even a new software? After some excited day-dreaming, you probably mutter something like, “Man, I wish I knew how to write code“. But maybe you took it a step further. Maybe you put an ad […]

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Facebook App Center Set To Explode With Localization Options


Facebook recently announced that they are rolling out their new app center for non-English speaking countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey. With the announcement, they invited developers to add translations for their app interface in order to reach more users. How many new users, […]

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What Is An “Active” Facebook App User?

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First, let’s define two acronyms you’ve probably seen already: MAU-“Monthly Active Users” DAU-“Daily Active Users” Some people brag about the number of installs their app has had in the last 30 days. Installs are an exciting metric and they shouldn’t be ignored, but where is the real […]

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